Logging in to

Fastest way of logging into the is to click on this link

You can also type it manually into your browser address bar. However if you are typing it manually it is important to type the number delimited by full stops (periods).

Main reason for that is because number format XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX represent the IP address. IP address is a unique label assigned to every device in the network that use Internet protocol. IP address in this format is called IPv4 address and it is 32bit number. It is worth to know that because number of devices on Internet overpassed possible number of IPv4 addresses, IPv6, a 128-bit format is developed and in use. in the IPVv6 format would look like 0:0:0:0:0:ffff:c0a8:6401.

You also need to know that is IP address from private IP range. Private IP range is reserved because lots of computers and devices are not on public networks but in a private networks. So if inside private networks we assign repeating IP addresses we will conserve the public IP addresses for more devices. Adittional protocol is developed in order to enable communication of devices inside private networks with those in other private networks, a NAT protocol.

There is couple of private ranges of IP addreses:

IANA-reserved private IPv4 network ranges
Start End No. of addresses
24-bit block (/8 prefix, 1 × A) 16777216
20-bit block (/12 prefix, 16 × B) 1048576
16-bit block (/16 prefix, 256 × C) 65536

Inside your private network you can use any as you wish.

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


If you get error like this while tried to connect to your router, cause might be one of the following:
  • your router IP address is different e.g.
  • your router is turned off
  • your lan cable is disconnected
  • your wifi or lan connection is disabled
  • your or router firewall is stopping you to acces the router
  • your wifi or lan is not installed properly or it has malfunction
  • your router is malfunctioned