Funny WIFI SSID Names

“Funny” is a very subjective thing, especially for people coming from different cultures and countries. Here we compiled list of funny SSID names you could use for your wireless network:

  1. Abraham Linksys (this one, as you can see, is our nickname)
  2. Martin Router King
  3. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  4. Desperate Housewifi
  5. Bill Wi the Science Fi
  6. Mom Use This One
  7. Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  8. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  9. LAN Solo
  10. SSID Vicious
  11. The LAN Before Time
  12. Rebellious Amish Family
  13. For Po*n Use Only!
  14. Don’t even try it!
  15. House LANister
  16. Winternet Is Coming
  17. My Internet is Faster Than Yours
  18. Silence of the LANs
  19. Get Off My LAN
  20. The Promised LAN
  21. North Korea Best Korea (nice if you are living close to South Korean embassy)
  22. Hack This
  23. The LAN Down Under
  24. Drive-By Wi-Fi (for automobile hotspot)
  25. FBI Surveillance Van 4
  26. Wu Tang LAN
  27. Darude LANstorm
  28. Loading…
  29. Searching…
  31. Virus-Infected Wi-Fi
  32. Text ###-#### for Password
  33. Yell coitus for Password
  34. The Password Is 8472
  35. Free WIFI for Everyone
  36. No Free Wi-Fi Here
  37. Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi
  38. It Hurts When IP
  39. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
  40. Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
  41. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  42. Life in the Fast LAN
  43. The Creep Next Door
  44. Satan Rocks my Socks
  45. We can hear you having sex!
  46. Two Girls One Router
  47. Router? I hardly knew her…
  48. Flamingos for sale!
  49. I’ve seen you naked
  50. Network not found
  51. Free for One Day
  52. Password: 1234556
  53. Benjamin FrankLAN
  54. BatLAN and Login
  55. Dialup Internet
  56. The Oompa Loompa Brothel
  57. She wants the D-link
  58. Lord of the Pings
  59. Obi Wlan Kenobi
  60. Routers of Rohan

If you have any suggestion use the contact form. Credits goes to Reddit.