Default Usernames and Passwords for the Routers is an IP address from private range. It is usually assigned as a default router IP address to different devices, such as routers, web cameras, modems… Usually, you can access you web administrator page by typing this address into your browser address bar. Do note that this list is specific for devices mentioned here.

Devices in this list might also use different IP address such as,,, especially if devices are used (not new). So this list is refering to stock settings and is valid only for new and devices with stock firmware.

List of Routers Using as a Default IP

Model/NameDefault IPDefault UsernameDefault Password
Arris TM502G192.168.100.1blankblank
Arris TG852G192.168.100.1adminpassword
Arris TM802G192.168.100.1blankblank
Arris TG1672G192.168.100.1adminpassword
Askey RTW020192.168.100.1no usernameadmin
Cisco 815192.168.100.1ciscocisco
Cisco 2100 aka DPX2100192.168.100.1no usernameW2402
Cisco DPQ3212C192.168.100.1blankblank
Cisco EPC3925192.168.100.1adminpassword
Forbes E-Waste Hotspot192.168.100.1blankblank
Motorola SB5100
Motorola SB5100E192.168.100.1adminmotorola
Motorola SB5101192.168.100.1blankblank
Motorola SB5101E192.168.100.1adminmotorola
Motorola SUTF board eXtreme192.168.100.1adminmotorola
Thomson TCW710192.168.100.1blankadmin
Thomson DCW725192.168.100.1blankadmin
Ubee U10C019192.168.100.1useruser
Ubee DVW32CB192.168.100.1adminon a label on the bottom
Ubee U10C020192.168.100.1useruser
Webstar EPC2100192.168.100.1adminW2320
Ambit U10C007192.168.100.1rootroot
Ambit 60237EUW192.168.100.1rootroot
Huawei HG8245192.168.100.1telecomadminadmintelecom
Huawei HG8247H192.168.100.1rootadmin
Huawei HG8010192.168.100.1rootadmin
ZyXEL MWR102192.168.100.1admin1234
Lenovo PR700192.168.100.1adminpassword

If you know the router or a device, which use this IP as a default one, feel free to contribute to this list by leaving the router model in the comments on the bottom of the article.